Friday, February 24, 2017

Menopausal Syndrome - Ayurvedic Treatments

Menopausal Syndrome: Natural Remedies
In Ayurveda, menopause is called rajonivrutti. It means that the menstrual flow stops forever. As this is a natural phenomenon, it is not considered a disorder in Ayurveda. However, a common understanding is that the three dosas are imbalanced during menopause. Symptoms of menopause can be correlated to change in dosa dynamics. Among the three dosas, vata is of prime importance. It is said that there is not a single disorder of the reproductive system without aggravated vata. Women generally reach menopause after the age of 45, which is when vata is dominant in the body.

The major goal of the treatment is to reduce symptoms and discomfort as well as to enhance well-being and prevent cardiovascular changes or osteoporosis. No drastic cleansing procedures are advised to menopausal women. Shirodhara (continuous flow of medicated oil, decoctions, or buttermilk on the head) and gentle a body massage are advised, as these treatments relieve muscle spasms, pains, burning, and restlessness.
Internally, chandanasava, ushirasavam, and draksharishtom are some of the drugs that reduce hot flashes, burning, and urinary incontinence. Shatavari, vidari, and kumari are the herbs that reduce fatigue and vaginal dryness and give a rasayana effect. For psychological symptoms, like irritability, anxiety, or depression, there are very effective drugs like brahmi, vacha, jyotishmati, and shankhapushpi or formulas such as panchagavya ghrita, kalyanaka ghrita, stresscom cap, and manasmitra vatakam. On the whole, Saraca indica (ashoka) is the herb of choice that takes care of most of the problems.
No specific diet is advised other than avoiding those that have been mentioned above for other conditions.
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